“She is a wild, tangled forest with temples and treasures concealed within.” 
― John Mark Green

I’m a writer, astrologer, numerologist, and lifelong spiritual seeker and learner. I have a strong, heart-centered desire to help others reach their full potential and creativity. I believe that knowing and understanding ourselves leads to greater healing and acceptance of ourselves and others. When I was awakened with powerful spiritual gifts at a very young age, my perceptions of life were altered with an understanding that there is energy and useable power in our unseen universe and in ourselves. As a devoted lover of nature, I have an uncanny ability to connect with universal energy at subtle levels while intuitively navigating and guiding my own journey to wholeness. By using my intuitive abilities, I have developed a natural talent for channeling the higher perspective in all of my writings. My commitment for global transformation and seeing the divine in all of humanity is fulfilling my soul’s life mission. 

It is my Divine Purpose to channel these loving and healing energies to any and all who are willing to receive, with the goal of balancing and healing Earth and all who share this beautiful planet.