There has been a TON of newfound energy and shifts infiltrating our planet as of late. We may be finding ourselves feeling the subtleties of these new energies, but not exactly being sure of their origin. This past Thursday, March 8, 2018, Jupiter officially stationed retrograde which may help to explain some of this odd energy that many of us may be feeling. First, let’s talk about this massive entity we call Jupiter. Astrologically speaking, Jupiter is the planet that is known to rule all the things of the abstract mind. This can be how we think and conceptualize; this can be our philosophies, spirituality, ideas, beliefs, paradigms, perspectives, etc. Other than the most common associations with Jupiter, this massive planet can also influence financial areas, good fortune/misfortune, justice, and organization. When a planet stations retrograde it usually implies some sort of period of revision, revisiting, re-evaluating, reexamining; with retrogrades you just need to think in terms of re-. You often hear about Mercury retrogrades and how that is a time of re-evaluating aspects of your life and how it affects communication and transportation. But what about when a planet like Jupiter stations retrograde? And nevertheless, Jupiter stationing retrograde in SCORPIO. When Jupiter is retrograde, which happens every 13 months or so, the main focus becomes taking all of those aspects that Jupiter represents and turning them internally, examining our inner worlds. Jupiter retrograde will ask us to reexamine our lives thus far, especially bringing about themes that occurred starting around the middle of December 2017.

  • In what ways are we being inauthentic/authentic about our own spiritual truths?
  • Is there still healing that needs to be done?
  • Are there past relationships (whether romantic or not) that are coming up right
    now for review?
  • How much are we discipline?
  • How much are we organized?
  • Are we operating from our highest timeline or are there areas where we
    are still lying to ourselves?

Jupiter RX (Retrograde) asks us to not only examine our lives but to TRANSFORM and EXPAND (as this is a HUGE planet, and it’s goal is expansion, always). Now, when you take the context of this Jupiter retrograde and put it through the lens of Scorpio, this introspection becomes extremely deep, dark, secretive, seductive, etc., taking on many of the themes of Scorpio. That is to say, for those who have been suppressing their emotions and who have been in a state of resistance to the change that WANTS to come out of them, the healing that WISHES to be recognized, the wounds that YEARN to be seen and heard, this retrograde can prove to be somewhat of a challenge, emotionally and you may feel ungrounded and all over the place, energetically. It is important that whenever the Universe creates the necessary circumstances to facilitate healing, to garner Love and Growth, that we make the intention to align our goals with the current planetary energies and be fully anchored in this state of allowing. Also it is important to simply LET these energies clear out what they are trying to clear out. This time of reflection is a GREAT time to detox and purify your heart and life from all that is no longer serving it. Many of us may find that we stop drinking, smoking, eating certain foods (and some of us may not even feel the need to eat at all, fasting for various days), letting go of and forgiving people/relationships, putting up boundaries, changing our jobs or our relationships with money, etc.During this time, it would be a great idea to journal (whether that’d be a daily catharsis, shadow work journaling, inner child word journaling, dream journaling, gratitude journaling, creative visualization journaling, etc.).

Additionally, taking care of your mind, heart, and body during this time would vastly ground you and anchor you. Epsom salt baths charged with Solfeggio frequencies or Divine intention, massages, going outside and putting your feet on and in Mama Earth, drinking plenty of water (blessing the water would be even more powerful), being amongst good company, meditating, doing some stretches, etc.) Listen to your body. It won’t lie to you.

Blessed integrations!

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