Happy Monday! Welcome to the month of September, in Numerology the sacred geometric symbol for this 9th month is the spiral within the circle, where a level of completion leads to a new beginning, this eventually leads to a completion which leads to a new beginning! We are experiencing the energies of this month in a new and different way than we ever have before. Most of us are still feeling the impact of all the Astrological and Solar Eclipse energies that we were blessed with during the month of August. Today I wanted to mention how crucial it is for us at this time to keep releasing our fears and firmly ground ourselves. When a Solar Eclipse occurs on the planet, whether seen or unseen, it is absolutely felt by 100% of Earth’s inhabitants in so many ways beyond general human understanding. Due to the new energies coming in, many of us are experiencing old sensations and feelings that we thought we had already dealt with a hundred times over, rearing up again, causing pain and unbalance. I understand that all of this might be very confusing at times, and tiresome, as it takes so much energy to deal with all of these frequencies. We are in the midst of a huge dimensional shift and the more aligned we are with ourselves, the more we get to enjoy these new energies coming in on planet earth. A whole new world IS upon us. We can either live in fear or remain in love. It is during a major shift in the external world that those internally still enough to see the truth WILL see it, and they will transcend the fear that many believe is their destiny. Our world right now is in desperate need of LOVE. The only way we can provide for our earth at this time is by first loving ourselves. Once we attain this high love frequency, we are urged to share it with every human, animal, and living thing. Spirituality is a process of rediscovery, we are all divine beings, we are more than our skin color, genders, and beliefs. It is now a time for remembering who we TRULY are.

~Love is gonna save us